Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Story of the Cry of the Phoenix

The beautiful, mystical Phoenix bird is bright orange and red in colour. The Phoenix is the bird of the astrological sign of Scorpio, the sign under which I was born. It is the bird of transformation. In Egyptian mythology it is a bird of gorgeous plumage, sacred to the sun, and is known as the Sun Bird.
The Phoenix is reborn from the ashes of the funeral pyre which it makes for itself when each life span of approximately 500 years is over. At the top of a palm tree the bird’s nest catches fire, ignited by a spark struck by the hooves of celestial steeds drawing the chariot of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God.
Amid the flames the beautiful bird extends its golden neck and purple wings; instead of flying off, it dances. Eventually, the Phoenix is consumed by fire and is reduced to ashes. But this is not the end: a new Phoenix chick arises out of the ashes and spreads its beautiful wings to fly again as the magnificent mystical Phoenix.
The patterns of our lives follow the life and death of the mystical Phoenix. I know that the Phoenix has been here with me; every time I am in trouble or in strife the Phoenix sings to me with its beautiful, melodic, throaty song and sends me its hot tears to help me through my pain. Although I did not know it nor understand, the Phoenix has been with me at all times.